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The New Era


Oil on Canvas

66 x 80 x 4 cm

When open skies become so strange,
So weird and unbound,
Remember the song of singer sage
And love each ever softer sound.
For by this ever stranger age,
Is a Friend to all that have found.

When we see them floating there,
Blue steel whale and more,
Cruisers born of lacquer hide
And heavy by the dawn.
Starless black bade Hulls,
Hung clad against unknowns.
We all will gaze in disbelief,
For we were not alone

There will be no need for fear
In the time when star ships roam,
And hear now I am calling clear,
To you there in my potent home,
Curled up with you my dear,
Smiling to see where this grows.

For Somewhere Silent
Someone knows
That Babylon is soon to fail,
Now coming to a close.
And on these winds shall we set sail,
Lover, lodestar, leading road.
Hand in hand,
Through the veil.

To see it all goes together,
Weirdly as it does.
For all of the change that flows like the weather,
For all are keen for us,
To make it at last and fan our feathers,
As one in love and trust.