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Beneath Thy Soul Deposit

Shadow of the seventh sun

Rise and fall again

As one.

Wholly mind doth fret the hour

Whilst heart remains in song.

Humble signs within the dark

Doth lead me to the light.

And bide thy time availing heart.

For blessed be the night.

Transmit thine ways to endless seas

When ease of seeing grows.

In these days my heart doth see

In changing lines alone.

My love, the fog may rise again

As we near upon the dawn.

Alas, thine light shall cease to dim

Fair season gathering storm.

And even if the road should part

Or words cannot be found.

I lose no faith amid the dark

For our hearts do remain bound.

Whisper’d lines of ailing mind,

Doth hold along to be.

For in these lines lie ways

In time,

To loving company.

Release thy leering, sullen sign

Forgo this listless sight.

Hold along for in due time

Thy dawn will pierce this night.


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