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The glow of a thousand souls now sears through the mist,

No longer shall abide.

All the fear in the verse could not oppose it,

When the many shine again.

Wept with dust in mind,

Hours lost in lonely rooms.

Bring me open skies again.

There, onward, to where I glanced;

Such radiance entered.

Warm of heart amid these washed out ways.

Advanced by frozen Dawn.

Sight of golden thought

Whisper’d to the sage.

Held again in warmth.

Now anger becomes tears.

No shallow effort sought.

No doing done in fear.

Days and days and days


Relinquish’d song,

In silence heard.

The roads are all mired in mud.

Mind wrapped in rage in face of folly.

Wise beyond years,

Washed in listless tears.

Fruitless anger doth pervade,

Hot blood in cold rooms.

I am lonesome beyond the rage.

Yellow robe to my right,

Idle bones by the door.

Lay in wait

Beneath thy summer seat.

Unwashed Cadaver

Lying hewn upon the stone

Interminable waiting.

This day will lead me home.

O gentle stillness

With fondness do I see

An untold light within this dream

Pervading my reality.

O thy embrace

Thy onward coming forth.

All leads hither, my dear

In love and in due course.

Tremble not, dear candle

Your light is bright and vast.

And in this vale, I see at last

Beacon in the black

Gift behind the glass.

O my heart doth surely soar

Amid thy golden ways.

Mired not in mud,

But waters cool.

And eyes of mind lifting,


Lifting through the haze.

Cascading gold

O, eyes of north

Thy love doth cease to wane.

And with thy flowers given forth

I receive so too in name.

O to find thyself in weirding times

Boots upon the level breach.

Embark upon the tower hood

And know such wordless rhyme in peace.

Atop the combe

Before the seat

Where I did find my rest.

Hitherto shy of the light

Now held in tenderness.


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