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Lodestar [Verse I]

Transmission on high,

O northward embrace.

Right hand of blue sky,

Of sacred signal space.

Changing in line,

O subtle remind.

To dwell within the light,

To tread with woden sight,

And know no fear amid the dawn.

Braced before thy advent rise,

Blinking in retreat.

Wholly alone,

O holy unknown,

Sage journals repeat.

O lecture’d kin

Of shattered whim,

How listless was thy night?

O tired eyes of leering mind,

How soon now comes the light?

Well, with thy lodestar coming forth

Thy listless lights the dew

Which weeps aligned

With morning eyes,

For here is love renew’d

All dressed up and ready to go,

Severed level leave behind.

Walk a little ways down the edge of the road

See what the soul might find.

If you could be quite so kind my love

And help me to follow my lead.

Come along now dear

And ease my soul

Show me how to openly be.

Before the zenith light

Here, robed in pastel blue

Rolling green upon the haze

In love I wait for you.

Wept unseen

At the floor I stare for hours.

In the shadow, how I dwell


Amid this dream.

Laid bleak with the rise

Of wretched candle spheres.

Now dry before the temple step,

Of shattered mind in tears.

Through wholly now unto the rest,

Alone I hear the otherness.


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