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Inward seat of heart,

Swayed not by ghosts or murmurs.

Watch it all unfold.

Birdsong shimmer’d in,

Passing through malignant fools,

Through open doors.

Waiting, O waiting.

Out beyond, beyond for now.

All is here to see.

O humble wreckage,

Quaint as ever for I see

The Sage does not part.

Monad peering through thine eyes,

Mirror in the dark.

Fire above the marsh,

Treading toward aimless cause.

Nothing else will do.

What may I fathom?

Poised behind this screen for weeks,

Illusions depart

We will be here

Every step of the way.

You will get there in time.

Beyond time, you are there always.

Keep going.

Hooded quiet sage

On the path of many stones.

Stepped over the light

By way of the road.

All along alone I’ve seen

A thousand days so far between


A thousand lives alone I’ve been

Roaming light throughout this dream

Of being.

Saturnine eclipsed

Undo the strain.

Blinded eyes that trip

Will see again.

Masses of the dawn

Forgo this reign.


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