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  • Writer's pictureAndrew D. Clark


Beside of mind in woden days.

For warmth now doth reside,

By winds of ease amid the ley,

Thy gentle breeze remind.

In seeking for thy ceaseless end

One may come to find

All soon to be is now to heel

And that one is beyond thy mind.

I do not know

Though I have seen

What now awaits

Lies in between

Amid the loam

Beneath thy feet

Behind all frets

An idol speaks

A luminous song

Found true amid heart

Heard from beyond,

A voice in the dark

Heard all along

Born not of my mind.

Now soon to impart,

Companion in kind.

Hours upon days

Embark to return

And hasten to the ground

For I yearn.

Helpless yet still

I look to the shroud.

For now that I am truly lost,

Can I again be found.


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